Creating inspirational playscapes for school and nursery settings

Since 1989 Playtime by Fawns have helped school and nursery settings improve their outdoor play and sport provision across the country. Working in consultation with key stakeholders – from parent groups, student councils and school management teams – Fawns take time to understand the specific needs of each setting before creating realistic 3D designs and detailed quotations illustrating the finished look of your outdoor space.  Their highly experienced sales managers offer advice on the most appropriate equipment and surfacing solutions, taking into account budgets, space available and the unique requirements for each setting and their pupil’s.

Sustainable and low maintenance

Fawns select only the most resilient materials to create long-lasting play and sports areas which require little on-going maintenance. Timbers are slow grown in sustainable forests, pressure treated and machine rounded to make them the least susceptible to rot and air cracking than other materials used within the industry. HDPE plastic - resistant to vandalism and over enthusiastic usage - adds colour and versatility to designs: ropes made in-house with steel core ensure minimal down-time for repairs and maintenance. A multitude of surfacing solutions is available, chosen to meet the specific needs of each setting. All the materials come with comprehensive guarantees offering long-term peace of mind ensuring the play space is kept in tip-top condition, all year round whatever the weather conditions.

The Fawns philosophy and ethos

Fawns look to nurture long-term relationships with customers – over 50% of our business every year is generated from existing customers or as a direct result of a recommendation – with a consultation based approach. Time is taken to understand the particular needs of the setting including an appreciation of the dynamics of their outside space, as well as the ethos of the school in relation to play. Fawns look to make the whole process as smooth as possible, with an emphasis on good communication from initial contact, keeping the customer informed of progress and making sure the installation minimises disruption to school life. All staff are DBS checked, and most installs carried out by Fawns own installation teams with surfacing carried out by specialist surfacing partners.

In terms of design philosophy Fawns look to design innovative playscapes which offer children the chance to play and learn about the world around them, experience challenge and develop social, emotional, physical and creative skills through independent, unstructured and unpredictable play in a space free from unacceptable risks.

Product range

Fawns have one of the most comprehensive product portfolios within the industry, built up over 30 years through recognising the evolving nature of play in educational settings. Product development is driven by our customers – the children – but also taking into account established guidelines for play equipment and safer surfacing (EN1176 and EN1177) to ensure that while challenging and innovative the equipment is free from unacceptable risk. The differing abilities of children are taken into account and, while looking to enhance their confidence through risk taking, the equipment is designed to be inclusive allowing children with a whole range of abilities to play alongside their peers. For Early Years in particular three key areas of learning and development are taken into account when both designing new equipment but also when designing specific play areas; communication and language development; physical development; personal, social and emotional development. For KS1 and KS2 the focus is more on Physical development but with an understanding that role play and the opportunity for children to play together, building relationships and developing team based skills are equally important.

We offer sport solutions for both curriculum based activities and free play, with low maintenance equipment to fit any budget. Offering advice on appropriate materials for surfacing, we provide a unique managed solution ensuring projects are completed to time and to budget with minimal disruption to school life. A range of surfacing options are available to best suit the specific needs of the setting, creating “mile a day” tracks for use all year round. In addition mini goals to full size sports courts with floodlights, as wells as a comprehensive range of outdoor gym equipment designed specifically for KS2 to maximise the sustainable improvements to sport and physical activity within schools the funding from the Sports Premium and “sugar tax” can facilitate.   

No obligation consultation from play experts

Our playscapes are designed and manufactured to be low maintenance, and in conjunction with our range of outdoor furniture and sensory equipment not to mention a whole range of safer surfacing options, we can create a playscape that offers open ended play opportunities all year round. All meetings and designs are created free of charge with no obligation; we can also offer advice on fundraising including assistance in the completion of complicated funding applications.

For further details see our website, email or call us to arrange for a no obligation site consultation.

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