The CREATE Education Project

The CREATE Education Project brings together game changing technology with inspirational content and creative minds. This collaborative platform is designed to provide FREE resources and support to help educators to introduce and embed 3D Printing technology in the classroom.

These include professional development resources, lesson resources, project ideas and inspiration. Contributors and community members are provided with a network of people embracing the same passion for sharing and improving access to education.

In order to ensure everybody has the opportunity to benefit from 3D printing and other exciting technology we reached out and asked educators and industry leaders what the challenges were and how can we make the best of the opportunities. We aligned these with our core values and CREATE Education Project was the result.

Our CREATE Strategy comprises of 6 Key points

C - Community
R - Reliability & Support
E - Education
A - Access
T - Teachability
E - Economics


The CREATE Education community consists of a network of industry partners, experienced hub schools, inspirational education ambassadors, creative organisations and teachers who are passionate about 3D printing, all sharing their ideas and experiences to benefit the wider community.

Any teacher can become a member of our community by registering on the website. Joining the community allows you instant access to all the downloadable resources on the website.

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Reliability & Support

The CREATE Education recommended 3D Printer range has a strong reputation for being reliable, something vital in your classroom!

When purchasing a printer directly through the CREATE Education Project, in addition to your standard printer warranty, you will have access to FREE lifetime support, so if something does go wrong we are here to help.

3DGBIRE are our dedicated product support team for the UK and Ireland. Their technical support team is always happy to help in isolating the cause of a problem, finding parts and providing solutions. Available 9-5 Monday to Friday, call 01257 276116 or email

We also have how to videos and guides such as our popular getting started guide and troubleshooting guide to support you with the technology, plus an online diagnostic service that will troubleshoot in the unlikely event of you having an issue.


The website contains a variety of resources to help educators across all sectors and subject areas to understand 3D printing technology. Educators can access FREE Professional Development resources including:

  • Tutorials
  • Videos
  • Tips and tricks
  • Curriculum guides

Teachers, technicians and school support staff can also access low cost face-to-face professional development workshops, Autodesk software training and technical training.

Alternatively CREATE education can deliver half or full day, curriculum linked 3D printing workshops in school to groups of students.


It is our mission to provide access to technology to allow everyone a chance to seed innovation.

We are continuing to appoint and add CREATE Education Hubs to our network along with the Fab Labs and Makerspaces who provide physical access supporting our open source ethos with opportunities for local communities and schools to get involved.

We operate a FREE Loan Scheme to Education Institutions to allow you to borrow a 3D printer to run a 3D printing project. Digital access to free CAD and Cura slicing software through our partners is also available. Which alongside the free resources gives you everything you need to access and reap the benefits of this technology.


The website contains a variety of FREE resources to help educators use 3D printing technology as a tool to increase pupil engagement and attainment, as well as using it across the curriculum at all ages and stages. Resources include:

  • Curriculum Guides
  • 3D Printing Projects
  • Planning documents and classroom presentations
  • Tutorials and student worksheets
  • 3D Printer Funding - ideas and information about available grants.
  • Careers resources
  • Case studies, ideas and inspiration

The website is regularly updated with new projects, activities and ideas.


Everything on the website is free to access and download. There is a charge for face-to-face professional development training, school workshops and technical training.

A range of 3D printers (starting at just £445), filament and accessories are also available to purchase, you can find out more about our range of products in the CREATE Marketplace.

With affordable 3D printers, coupled with a reputation for reliability and FREE lifetime technical support, schools have an opportunity to insire and engage students with industry leading technology.

We also offer education institutions a discount for multiple unit orders thus allowing large numbers of teachers and pupils to unleash their creative potential!

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