CREATE Education

CREATE Education

The Create Education Project brings together game-changing technology with inspirational content and creative minds. Our overwhelming passion is to make a difference in the lives of young people by enabling and supporting educators to provide their students with the skills required to enter employment within an industry 4.0 world.

As part of our mission, Create Education provide a growing library of FREE resources and support to help introduce and embed 3D printing into schools. These resources include curriculum guides, lesson resources, planning resources, projects, tutorials and more. Most of our resources have been either developed, shared or trialled in the classroom by a community of educators.

The Create Education Project also offers a range of professional development options to assist schools in effectively using and embedding 3D printing technology in the curriculum. This also aids in the maximisation of investment in technology and improving student outcomes. Our professional development options include CAD software training, guidance for introducing 3D printing in the curriculum and technical training, all tailored to your exact needs.

To ensure everybody can benefit from 3D printing we also offer a FREE 3D printer loan scheme. An Ultimaker 3D printer and filament are loaned for a period of up to 4 weeks to allow schools and pupils to do all the 3D printing they require. All that is asked for in return is that you share your experiences, project ideas and any classroom resources with us to help others in the community.

Aside from our fantastic loan scheme, we also offer a range of 3D printing products available to purchase. All the products offered have been specially selected and rigorously tested to be suitable for use in education and the team here at Create Education will offer you advice and guidance on selecting the best products suited to your exact needs.

As part of our passion for community and sharing, we have also developed Create Connect, an online education community platform developed for teachers and educators interested in STEAM. The platform enables people to connect with others to discuss different projects, share ideas, work together or simply help one another with their problems by sharing insights and best practices.

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