The founders of Cornerstone had been in the property damage industry sector for a combined 25 years prior to the company being launched in 2009 and, with a history of dealing in the main with fire and flood incidents, our clear knowledge of moisture behaviour in buildings and transparent reporting process was soon noticed by clients including NHBC, private surveyors and social landlords seeking to determine the root cause for a reported damp, condensation and mould problem.

Our unique transparent reporting process demonstrates a recognition of the affected structural materials alongside its geographical orientation such that, when defining the affected area, we could impart accurate knowledge with how the location would be returned to a pre-incident condition. The result was all interested parties could read our report and recognise they could have also attended such is the transparent data provided (building composition, moisture map, moisture profile, thermography, photographic observations etc coupled with a credible conclusion.

Today our fire and flood restoration process is a recognised must-have for Insurance Companies and private complex cases such is the confidence level with Cornerstone.

Our trusted knowledge resulted in requested for detailed surveys pertaining to reported damp, condensation and mould related issues.

Today we provide a significant number of independent surveys and consultancy aspects for a host of social and local authority landlords across the country seeking a credible fact-based investigation into a reported issue with a primary support element being legal challenges made against landlords.

An important aspect when determining the root cause of mould and damp is to recognise it is not due to a single issue. There are many occasions when the appearance of mould is perceived to be a damp wall or ceiling for example and has been proven to not be the case in almost 92% of surveys undertaken.

It is an important aspect to note that damp and mould are ‘symptoms’ of a problem and, is Cornerstones’ drive to determine the root-cause prior to dealing with an affected structure. Where mould developments have been either wiped clean or painted over, in the absence of a credible reason, it will likely return. In addition, if the solutions used were not recognised for dealing with the mould root system (mycelium) as well as the visual sporulation, it can return in a quicker timeline than it took to initially develop.

Therefore, there is a determination to investigate, prove, clean and remediate affected areas with ‘better decision making’.

Today, we are sharing our knowledge with a host of interested parties seeking to improve their knowledge of structural and atmospheric issues and, has been accomplished with the provision of user-friendly…

  • CPD training from admin staff through to qualified surveyors
  • Launch of Humidity Calculator Apps for determining compliance with BS5250 2002
  • Launch of Air Change App to determine the desired overrun of an installed extractor to clear a room after use

However, with the above in mind, our technology also aligns to the launch of a unique Property MOT® platform with embedded certified Structural Moisture and Ventilation Adequacy assessments.

This unique platform embraces those interested in undertaking detailed assessments with root cause understanding and access to a SMART Knowledge base for timely advice and solutions.

Each completed survey is submitted to Cornerstone’s SMART portal where our embedded algorithmic mechanics assess the data recorded and deliver respective Certifications with appropriate Advisories aligned to cost-effective solutions – for the long term.

SMART Knowledge delivers causation reasons in a recognised and understandable manner embracing every day questions typically including…

  • Is mould common behind furniture?
  • Not long after removal, the mould returns?
  • Is the ventilation adequate for this structure?
  • What is the reason behind mould on clothing and furniture?

With prevailing damp, condensation and mould problems each and every winter period, Cornerstone are conscious of the need for a uniform approach that will serve to deliver credible causations alongside specific guidance for building occupants and structural owners/managers with particular emphasis on the safety of those who use the building.

Our solutions provide peace of mind with defined analysis of structural and atmospheric behaviour that aligns to a healthier environment.
Cornerstone also recognise the drive to retrofit and decarbonise structures is upon us and, a clear understanding of these processes is vital if we are to avoid making the situations worse with the absence of recognising the initial structural status and the intended ‘impact’.

Not only are there initiatives in place for a Healthy Home as instructed by the Housing Ombudsman and UK Government, there is also a need to ensure the atmospheres we work, learn, meet and shop in are free from potential atmospheric contaminants.

Where can I find out more about Cornerstone?

More information can be found at:

0344 846 0955