Compliance Education

Compliance Education currently supports the health and safety requirements of over 450 schools across England and Wales. Our school portfolio includes:

  • Over 20 Mutli Academy Trusts
  • Independent Schools
  • Local Authority and Faith Secondary and Primary Schools
  • Special Educational Needs Schools
  • Pupil Referral Schools
  • Further Education

Compliance Education will: ‘tick all the boxes’ from a legal perspective including:

  • Writing a bespoke Health and Safety Policy and communicating it to all staff members.
  • Carry out and record risk assessments of your Premises, Activities, Equipment, Substances (COSHH), Display Screen Equipment (DSE), Fire, Expectant Mothers, Lone Workers, Working at Height, Manual Handling, External Workers, Stress or any Illness.
  • We will evaluate your schools’ health and safety training requirements and provide training in areas where appropriate as required.
  • We will monitor your health and safety on a regular basis improving the culture and increasing awareness as per OFSTED/ESTYN requirements.
  • Conduct regular visits by a dedicated advisor and provide a clear report for inspection by OFSTED/ESTYN or the Local Authority.
  • We will assist in Emergency Evacuations and improve its efficiency and also assist with Lockdown Procedures. We will also complete a School Emergency Management Plan.
  • We will act as the Competent Person, carry out accident investigations and complete RIDDOR reports on your behalf.
  • Compliance Education will also formulate a School Employees Health and Safety Handbook.
  • We will increase pupil awareness in relation to Health and Safety as per OFSTED/ESTYN requirements.
  • We will provide evacuation plans for persons requiring assistance in the event of an emergency (PEEP’s).
  • We will complete regular building, grounds, and workplace inspections.
  • We will provide a process for external contractor selection ensuring they are qualified and competent.
  • We will complete specific event risk assessments such as school fayres, school plays and sports days.
  • We will ensure there is a process for staff inductions.
  • We will protect your school from ‘no win no fee’ solicitors.
  • We will meet with the Fire Officer during inspections.
  • We will provide staff training in all areas of health and safety such as Caretaker Training, Fire Marshall Training, First Aid Training, Risk Assessment Training, Food Hygiene Training, Asbestos Awareness Training, EVC Training and much more.
  • We will provide you with EVOLVE and support with Educational Visits.
  • We will attend Governors and General Health and Safety meetings as required.

Our Health and Safety package includes 2 training sessions or unlimited health and safety e-learning with prices starting from just £200 plus vat per month!