Does your school or college have an audible lockdown system that is fit for purpose?

Audiebant have developed and deployed effective Lockdown and Communication Audio Systems which are tailored to meet the needs of individual educational sites.

Audiebant Lockdown Systems provide instructions to students and staff directing them to find a safe, secure location or exit strategy, dependant on the type of emergency; therefore reducing or eliminating potential casualties and managing incidents.

The system can send different messages to different locations dependant on the specific emergency requirement. Content can be changed or updated easily using a mobile phone or computer.

In addition, the system can also act as a PA system, play music, make class change announcements and can also stream any content you choose such as Prayers or Remembrance Day.

Pre-recorded announcements are tailored to your specific requirements - from simple behaviour reminders to general safeguarding messages which can run at set intervals throughout the day,or be pushed out when required.

The system is entirely scalable, based on size of your premises, risk factors and available budget.

The process is simple, we supply a turn-key solution that includes installation, content creation, and full maintenance of the system.