In recent years we have become even more aware of the importance of clean and healthy buildings, perhaps nowhere more than in the field of education. With the health of staff and students in mind, Gary Nicholls, Managing Director of ductwork and Legionella risk experts, Swiftclean, explains the basics of compliance for schools and colleges.


Nviro are a cleaning company that creates clean, hygienic and safe environments where building users can thrive and fulfil their potential – whether that’s inspiring the next generation, achieving outstanding results or serving the community in which they work. We care about your building users and the impact that they have as much as you do.


In the heart of every educational institution lies a commitment to providing an environment conducive to growth, learning, and excellence. The aesthetics and cleanliness of a school's premises play an essential role in shaping that environment. Thus, the question arises: Why not equip your institution with the best tools to ensure consistently pristine windows and surroundings?

Introducing Ionic's Pure Water Systems—a revolutionary solution tailored for schools with an eye on the future.


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