Chameleon PDE Ltd

Chameleon PDE provide consultancy, training, and teaching resources that inspire schools to seek excellence in the personal development of their pupils. Chameleon PDE have a burgeoning reputation as the 'go-to' provider for schools who wish to advance this area of the curriculum and evidence outstanding practice.
Directors Angela Milliken-Tull and Richard Palmer each have over 25 years' experience as teachers and consultants, supporting schools to provide the very best personal development / PSHE / Citizenship programmes. Their additional work in the public health and university sectors together with extensive work with private sector organisations brings an enhanced understanding of the needs of pupils, and how to prepare them for life beyond school.
Chameleon PDE’s mission is to ensure that every student is equipped with a broad set of knowledge and skills to help them manage any challenges, and make the most of any opportunities ahead. This is best achieved through the empowerment of teachers, conferring the expertise to assure sustained and valued learning in this vital part of the 21st Century curriculum.

“Our vision for PSHE is a bespoke, progressive package that runs through the school. Chameleon enables this by providing a huge resource bank of clear, well-thought-out resources, planned by experts. The key features that led us to choose Chameleon were the student survey they also provide, and the editability of the resources. The survey results have given us insights into our students' experiences that we have used to create a bespoke PSHE curriculum, responsive to their needs. The editability of resources means we can adapt lessons to fit the unique context of our school. We are delighted to be part of both the staff and student Advisory Groups and have already been impressed with the responsiveness we have received from Angela and Richard in adapting systems for international schools and considering resources specialised for international contexts as well as in the UK.”
Catherina Carragher, Assistant Headteacher, Garden International School, Malaysia

Why schools choose Chameleon PDE

  • Expertise
  • Personal and responsive support
  • Adaptability and editability of teaching resources
  • Student voice survey service
  • High-quality staff CPD, externally accredited by CPD UK
  • Superior support pre and post inspection
  • Cost-effective resources and consultancy with substantial loyalty discounts for Chameleon partner schools
  • Ambitious and relevant resources that students enjoy
  • Ongoing resource update service - saving staff planning time
  • Student /staff advisory boards enable Chameleon PDE to be responsive to school and student needs