BYD Solutions Ltd: Launch Indoor Air Cleaning Solution.

Essex based company BYD Solutions Ltd have recently launched a solution to clean your internal air or VOC’s & Bacteria. Following a simple application your internal air will be cleaner and fresher.

Officially launched in the UK at the Contamination show in September last year BYD have seen a lot of interest with customers liking the easy application procedures with no building alterations required.

BYD say this effective and especially economic way to remove air pollutants, bacteria, germs and odours by treating surfaces of premises, preferably ceilings with titan effect. The treatment is totally invisible and works according to the principle of Photocatalysis. With the help of light, titan effect virtually decomposes all air pollutants.

BYD adds that in order to produce this effect, daylight transmitted through windows is as well suited as the artificial light from all electrical lighting.

To give you an example of its affect, only 20m2 of ceiling treated with titan effect can remove up to 400’000 litres of ambient air from its pollutants without resorting to complicated and costly techniques.

The VOC’s decomposition effect of our titan effect treatment has been verified by a certified laboratory and can be requested any time.

BYD say the application will last up to 10 years and not require any maintenance at all.

One of BYD’s directors Lee Bywater said: “This unique process is such a simple an affordable way of cleaning internal air. It can be available not only for offices but private homes, restaurants, public transport basically anywhere that requires the need for cleaner fresher air”

Lee added “External air pollution is a massive thing right now everyone is talking about it and there are many organisations looking to reduce external air pollution. We just need to be aware that internal air pollution is also a huge problem and in some cases can be just as bad as the outside air. Company’s need to provide safe fresh air for their employees and of course customers. Our system requires absolutely no building alteration, the application can be carried out at times when businesses are closed so causing no disruption and once completed will require no additional maintenance, what could be simpler?”

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