British manufacturer helps school protect people against COVID with automatic hand sanitising units

Regency Design, the award-winning specialist design and manufacturing business, has launched a bespoke series of automatic hand sanitising stations to support a safer environment for children and staff at schools. Importantly, the stations come in a variety of sizes suitable for children and adults and to reduce the risk of spreading and catching COVID-19 and other viruses.

Sanitising stations have become part of everyday life and are especially effective in schools where adequate hand washing is not always possible as children move between classes, play areas and dining facilities. They are having a dramatic impact on cleanliness and absenteeism from illness. But for them to be most effective, they must be fully accessible for all people. Complying with the Equality Act, Regency’s automatic hand sanitising dispensers have been designed to accommodate schools and pupils of all sizes, from nursery and pre-school to senior and secondary schools. To encourage good hand hygiene especially amongst younger children, Regency Design has created a specific nozzle that dispenses the sanitiser in a foam bubble, helping to make the concept of hand sanitising more fun.

As well as schools and early education facilities, the sanitising units are also being delivered to colleges and universities, with positive feedback already received from campuses in Sunderland and Edinburgh.

Hand sanitising can help keep children and staff safe throughout the day and work well where limited toilet facilities cannot quickly and easily accommodate whole classes or groups of children washing their hands. To support all areas of schools, early education facilities and universities, Regency Design has also created different stations for different locations, for example, a smaller countertop unit offers convenient and unobtrusive sanitisation in staff rooms, offices, entry points and even classrooms.

Going a step further to help avoid cross contamination issues across all educational institutions, Regency Design has created an optional IR thermal scanner attachment that can read people’s temperatures from 80cm away, making them non-invasive and easy to use. The thermal scanners can be attached to the side of the hand sanitising units and alert staff when a student has a high temperature so that they can be cared for accordingly.

Other attachments such as optional glove and mask boxes can also be added to the side of the units for quick and easy access to necessary PPE.

Zak Manhire, Chief Commercial Officer at Regency Design, says that the team has used innovation and imagination to make the sanitising units suitable for schools: “We have adjusted the heights of our sanitising units as well as creating a variety of nozzles to make dispensing the sanitiser fun and interesting,” he says. “They can also be fully customised with a school’s logo, coat of arms or colour schemes, to make them an integral part of the environment.

“The attachments we have designed ensure the safety of staff and students across all educational institutions, allowing them to keep protective gear on hand and reduce cross contamination issues in an easy, stress free and non-invasive way.”

The hand sanitising dispensers are made out of premium quality products and cut down on sanitiser costs by using sensory technology to disperse 1.5ml of sanitiser per hand detected. The units are lightweight, yet robust and sturdy and feature a SteriTouch Antimicrobial powder coating to prevent the growth of bacteria, biofilm, mould and other viruses by up to 99.99%, making them safe to touch and handle.

As a well invested onshore manufacturing specialist with more than 25 years of experience, Regency Design’s sanitising units, along with all of their other products are 100% Made in Britain, which as well as supporting the UK economy, also means they are quick to manufacture and easy to deliver.

Zak Manhire says: “With a well-equipped facility and a highly skilled workforce, we believe we are well placed to meet the needs of businesses, schools, universities and other educational facilities that are looking for the benefits that a local manufacturer can bring. With fast a turnaround time and a short supply chain, we are able to deliver on time and on budget on any size of order.”

As well as their hand sanitising units, Regency Design has created a full range of PPE, including face visors, which can help keep teachers and children safe when interacting in the classroom.