Britannia Fire Ltd

Moving over to the P50 fire extinguisher range has never been easier, with pending legislation changing and introducing a ban on PFAS materials, often referred to as “Forever Chemicals” Britannia Fire has put into place a scrappage scheme, to simply allow you to part exchange your old, soon to be non-compliant fire extinguishers, for the latest PFAS free, British manufactured fire extinguishers. Namely the P50.

The extinguishers will be installed by our service teams, and your old ones will be removed ready for safe disposal. The P50 has saved many educational establishments to save considerable amounts on servicing costs and in one instance saved the University of Brighton over £100,000 in a ten-year period.

The P50 fire extinguisher is a composite fire extinguisher that has several advantages. It is approved and certified to EN3 and UKCA marked, along with third party certification from BSI in accordance with the PER. It comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty and requires simple compliance inspection only. The gauge check with magnet is reliable, and it is made of super strength composite material that is quality assured for long service life. The reduced weight of the P50 fire extinguisher makes it easier to handle than traditional fire extinguishers. It has lower environmental impact and reduced carbon emissions. Fewer refills are needed, and fewer serviceable parts are required. The 20-year lifecycle of the P50 fire extinguisher reduces waste due to 40% average inventory reduction.

The carbon-neutral design of the P50 fire extinguisher eliminates service visits and reduces carbon footprint, helping organizations achieve environmental targets. The vessel is 100% recyclable, and manufacturing requires little energy and no waste disposal. Please contact Britannia Fire for more information to see how much we can save you and your organisation.