Boost wellbeing and employability with Persona Life Skills

Persona Life Skills is a unique, online personality insights approach to Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) for secondary students, designed both for the classroom and blended learning. Hundreds of schools and colleges in 28 countries have already registered to use the platform with over 50,000 students.

Empower non-specialist teachers to build student wellbeing and employability from age 13 to 19. Improve academic performance, and hit Ofsted character education and other student personal development targets.

Help your pupils navigate their life journey

Research shows – and schools, young people and employers all agree – that developing social-emotional life skills helps to boost student wellbeing. And that means more agency, better academic results, higher employability and greater life satisfaction. 

Persona Life Skills helps students navigate their life journey by developing 22 important life skills across six key skillsets:
1. Being Realistic
2. Communication
3. Open-mindedness
4. Self-control
5. Problem Solving

Boost social, learning and work wellbeing

At Persona Education, our research has found that different aspects of personality become more significant depending on the context a young person is in: Social, learning or work.

Persona Life Skills boosts student wellbeing across the same three contexts:

  • Social: “I have positive relationships with friends and peers.”
  • Learning: “I enjoy learning and understand its purpose.”
  • Work: “I feel fulfilled and engaged at work.”

Build employability and workplace readiness

‘Soft’ skills are increasingly being recognised by employers to be as useful in the workplace as academic or vocational qualifications – if not more so. And parents and educators say social-emotional skills are the top indicator of future readiness.
Persona Life Skills equips teenagers with a thinking framework that helps them prepare for and engage with the world of work. Our life challenge modules include:

  • Interview Ready
  • Work Experience
  • First Job
  • Getting Along With Colleagues
  • Leadership
      …and more 

Enhance your PSHE, SEL and Careers education

Persona Life Skills offers a scaffolded, age appropriate curriculum for Year 9-13/Grade 8-12 (KS3, KS4, KS5) students. The interactive platform complements existing school PSHE, RSE, SEL, life skills and careers curricula.

Our teacher-facilitated life challenge modules and self-directed life skills modules guide pupils to know themselves, understand others and adapt their thinking, communication and behaviour for better outcomes, as they navigate their life journey.

With real time progress tracking and built-in learning outcomes reporting, you can monitor their progress in our dashboard, at whole school, cohort, group or individual levels.

Empower non-specialist PSHE and SEL teachers

More than ever before young people need to develop social-emotional life skills, but schools and colleges face three big problems: 1. other curriculum priorities; 2. lack of specialist teachers; 3. PSHE/SEL teacher workload.

With Persona Life Skills any teacher can facilitate the learning, in the classroom, in blended learning or in remote learning. Our web-based online learning is easily accessible on any device.

Ready-made learning modules and built-in teacher guidance mean less demand for SEL/PSHE specialists, and easier lesson planning. Plus, students receive instant feedback, and all their input is recorded.

Social, practical and memorable personality insights

The personality insights framework at its heart makes Persona Life Skills unique.

Designed specifically for young people, Persona helps students understand that everyone has a mix of personality styles influencing how we think, communicate and behave – which can change rapidly, especially when we are young.

Our technology enhanced curriculum guides students in using the framework – built upon solid behavioural science evidence – to develop social-emotional skills, helping them adapt to life challenges, in turn boosting their wellbeing and employability.

Intuitive student learning journey

The platform includes an intuitive student learning journey, right on the homepage. This makes guiding students through our recommended, scaffolded social-emotional skills program easy, even for non-specialist teachers.

When a student signs in, they will see a sequence of themed units, each containing a number of learning modules, typically three – one teacher-facilitated module and two self-directed. Students can work through the recommended learning journey, either at their own pace, or following their teacher, without having to think about the best route through all the available modules.

The first three units comprise foundation modules introducing the concept of personality insights, and guiding students to begin developing a better understanding of themselves and other people, through the unique Persona personality insights framework, specially designed for young people.

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