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As an Independent Business Management Consultant, I have worked with over thirty Governing Bodies during a twenty-year career. I am also Chair of Governors at my local Primary School, currently in my seventh year as a Governor.

In the year prior to the pandemic, I had started working on a Governor Training and Development program in an attempt to improve the experience of Governance. The idea came about following an inevitable moment during a September meeting where Link roles and Governor responsibilities were being distributed.

‘Right, so who wants to be Health and Safety Governor?’

Who in their right mind would volunteer for this?  Most people have no idea what the role would entail let alone how they would go about managing and having an impact.  Yes, there is information available through certain Governor support packages or through the National Governor Association and the Local Authority offer training, but it’s all very dry and can appear daunting and/or intimidating.

The Development Program includes a set of pre-written termly tasks for each of the Link roles, detailing suggested tasks, questions and who to speak to. This meant that whoever took on the role was given a definitive steer on what to do in three visits across the academic year.  By completing the pre-written sheet they were able to evidence their involvement and feedback at Governor meetings.  What I didn’t realise at the time was how invaluable this would become during school closures. Governors could continue their involvement by completing the tasks with school staff via email, virtual meetings or by telephone.

The Link roles fit into the wider Governor Development program:

BMS Schools – Governor Development Program

  • Governor Development Plan – set of priorities linked to the School Development Plan and Governor Skills Audit.
  • Governor Development Meeting – Separate Summer Term meeting to set priorities for Governor Development Plan for the coming year.
  • Governors Annual Schedule – Schedule of meetings, Governor Visits, school activities along with a checklist of Governor responsibilities spread across the year.
  • Pre-set Link Governor Tasks
  • Re-align Performance Management - All staff Performance Management to be completed by the end of the Summer Term.

Paul Jackson is Managing Director of BMS Schools Ltd, providing consultancy support for Finance and Governance. He also offers a mentoring program for Finance Governors, School Business Managers and Head Teachers wishing to improve their Financial knowledge.  For further information please contact us today.