Back-To-Basics In Information Security

Founded in 2008, Seven Stones has a track record of success in two macro areas; Bridging what is in most organisations, a light years wide gap between IT and Security, and; Cost savings in information risk management by the application of “old school” principles.
A vendor-driven, purely tactical approach to solving risk problems is guaranteed to fail in an expensive way. For example, organisations have invested heavily in vendor solutions to solve the prevalent ransomware problem, while ransomware cases are still on the rise.
Seven Stones specialises in leveraging existing technology to meet information risk management challenges in multiple sectors:

• Finance
• Insurance
• Telecommunications
• Government
• Energy
• Logistics
• Healthcare
• Education
Seven Stones has a track record of success in the following areas:

• Cloud migration (AWS, Google Cloud, MS Azure)
• Network penetration testing
• Architecture and engineering
• Assistance for SMBs and fintechs
• Devsecops (meeting Docker and Kubernetes security challenges)
• Logging/detection (SIEM)
• Security Operations
• Threat and Vulnerability Management
• Software Development
For a cheaper approach to information risk management in the healthcare industry, contact us for more details.