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Axians deliver ICT services in 23 Countries and supports its customers from IT infrastructure and services to digital transformation in the UK.

We are supported closely by a superb group of technology vendors which work with state-of-the-art technology to deliver excellence every time. We are helping the UK Public Sector transform the way technology relating to Network Infrastructure is utilised and operated. We know how to help you make the most out of what’s available and we have the skills available to get the job done. We enable you to make the technology transformation today.

Faced with having to continually do more work with less available resource and struggling to recruit, many Public Sector Organisations are willing to transition to new technologies sooner rather than later. Network Automation tools such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are enabling operations teams to manage large scale dynamic infrastructures by reducing many of the small repetitive tasks into scripts that can allow the engineers to focus on higher value activities. Automation tools provide a flexible and responsive system that can be scaled up to meet increased demand. Automation has been the driving force behind the progress of society for centuries and will continue to lead us into the future. You already know this and that’s why many of the technologies that are being used by the public sector today are ahead of the mainstream. Automation technology enables you to do a lot more with a lot less. Axians has a lot of experience in this field. We are pleased to see some early adoption, not just of using scripts to simplify change but of full automation frameworks that provide the entire operational process from provision to delivery.

Also, SD-WAN is a networking technology based around the disaggregation of the network service and the underlying network infrastructure. This means that secured, application-optimised network services can be delivered over technologies such as MPLS, DSL, 4G and more. The centralised visibility and control of the network that SD-WAN enables adds the capability to both scale significantly, and also to take advantage of available infrastructure to deliver the connectivity. This builds the business case for this technology in many public sector organisations. Whilst SD-WAN use across the public sector is broadly in the early-mainstream stage of adoption, sadly, we see that many organisations wait for their major WAN refresh before investing in and gaining the benefits of SD-WAN. SD-WAN offers you the chance to disaggregate and leverage an enhanced capability for flexibility. Failure to leverage this advantage may result in the wastage of valuable resources such as time, money and missed opportunities to develop in-house skills.

Transformation can only truly be realised when you take advantage of all the data you gather and amalgamate what they mean. Public Sector Organisations are early adopters of IoT, and have already made vast improvements in areas such as public transportation and smart infrastructure. Data can be gathered from an Internet of Things platform (IoT), stored in the cloud network, and utilised to provide benefits to the automation systems. An IoT platform is a software that enables development, deployment and management of solutions that connect to and capture data from IoT endpoints. It drives improved business decisions and may be delivered as a hybrid combination of edge software platform and/or cloud IoT platform as a service. An IoT platform can oversee changes such as improved bus timetables, real-time traffic analysis, well informed ambulance routes. Many Public Sector organisations have already adopted AI and ML, making them innovators. We can use these technologies to increase our capacity to plan ahead for the future, predict component failure and to optimise the use of our valued resources.

Time to transform

Technology is developing at an exceptional rate and often moves forward faster than your five year plan. It’s difficult to keep up. Take stock of your strategy. Consider how the delivery of your foundation services is changing and take the plunge. Get yourselves an Automation Jumpstart Assessment to see where you could benefit from process automation in your IT stack and free-up your valuable resources to focus on other activities. Don’t be deterred by a lack of in-house skills; there are partners out here who can help you get started, develop in-house skills and improve cultural adoption. Leverage the infrastructure you have so that IT can become an enabler of change. AI and automation help you build towards that dynamic, responsive mechanism for delivering today’s services and the efficient, stress-free present we all want to see. Book at Network Automation Jumpstart Assessment with Axians.

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