AMS Technology Solutions Ltd

Founded in 1995 AMS Technology Solutions started by providing CNC machines to the education market in March of that year. In the following decades we have supplied hundreds of schools, colleges and universities with high quality products such as laser cutters, fume extraction units, 3D printers and safety cabinets.

Our focus is now and always has been to provide high quality, reliable machinery, preferably of UK origin. Why the focus on British products? Well there are many benefits in purchasing a piece of home grown equipment.

  • Quality : First of all you know that you can rely on the exceptional build quality provided by a mature industry that has experience in manufacturing and exporting some of the most iconic products in history. The manufacturers themselves are proud of their products and often entertain factory visits for potential customers. They have a lot to be proud of. Our fume extraction supplier’s head office and Centre of Excellence was opened by HRH The Duke of Kent after being named mid-market Company of the Year in 2017.
  • Safety : The high build standards provided by British manufacturing are backed up by a rigorous certification process which ensures that products meet tested and proven specifications in quality and safety. At a time when cheap and often dangerous imported products flood the market, you know that if you own a piece of British designed and built equipment you can operate it in safety.
  • Local benefits : The supply lines are kept short with manufacturers having easy access to the components they need to manufacture their products. Our Nottingham based laser cutter manufacturer uses local fabrication workshops within Nottingham to produce the side covers and panels on their range of laser cutters. Similarly, our Leeds located 3D printer supplier uses a Huddersfield factory just fifteen miles away to manufacture the chassis parts for their 3D printers and safety cabinets. By buying British you are helping provide jobs for British workers. These workers in turn spend their income in this country benefitting local economies within the UK.
  • Environmental Impact : As well as providing an economic benefit, the short supply lines also enable manufacturers to have a much lower environmental impact. This is an important consideration for many customers and the reduced transport routes involved when compared to purchasing imported goods can make a big difference.
  • Value : The products that are designed and built in the United Kingdom are always going to cost more than those from say, the far east. However it is important to distinguish why this is. As already mentioned the build quality is much higher, the components are of a superior standard and with the more stringent standards put in place by British industry they are guaranteed to be safe as well. The follow through from these points is that UK manufactured goods will invariably have a longer life than their cheaper contemporaries. Our oldest laser cutter operating in the education sector is well over twenty years old and still going strong. In the longer game the value comes in buying a UK manufactured machine that is built to last.
  • Support : Good service is everything. If you are relying on a piece of machinery for your business or school you need to know that you have the support available should you need it. Our UK manufacturers are stable, well financed companies with many years of design, development and production behind them. They have well established support networks that can provide spare parts and consumables at short notice and if you need advice it gets no better than talking to the engineers that actually built your machine.

AMS Technology Solutions keeps very good and long standing relations with our UK based suppliers. Our connections with BOFA International and CadCam Technology stretch back over twenty years. This has garnered us with a wealth of experience in these companies and the machines they produce. Some of our own engineers are time served on the production floors of CadCam Technology building their superb range of laser cutters. In fact AMS were involved in the development of the FB500 laser cutter provided by CadCam Technology. The point is, we know our products. We know their qualities and their capabilities. In addition to this, should you ever have a problem, you can be assured that we have the experience needed to get you back up and running in the shortest amount of time. We also provide a variety of comprehensive service packages to suit your needs in both the laser and 3D printing fields. With an advice service that covers the preparation, purchase, installation and running of laser cutter, 3D printing and fume extraction equipment, we can help you through every part of the process to ensure that you get the right machine for your business.

AMS Technology Solutions and education

AMS have been involved in the education sector since we started trading in 1995. The company has gained a reputation in the sector as being experienced and trustworthy. We see and acknowledge the importance of high quality education for all children so that they can go on and become everything that they can be. Wherever possible we have endeavoured to support our education customers and have provided sponsorship to certain schools in various challenges such as the F1 in Schools STEM Challenge where one of our sponsors reached the UK finals.

The education sector has been forced to endure much financial hardship over the last decade which in some cases has forced the closure of entire Design and Technology departments. The effects of the Covid 19 pandemic have been devastating both physically and economically and with Brexit on the horizon it may be a long time before we see some stability return to the country. In these turbulent times it is more important than ever to ensure that the correct decision is made first time when purchasing a capital piece of equipment such as a laser cutter or 3D printer. The benefits of acquiring high quality reliable UK manufactured products with a good support network and stable supply chain are obvious. We provide a comprehensive advice service for schools and colleges that are considering addressing the technology issues relating to laser cutting and 3D printing within the education curriculum. This service comes as part of our ongoing commitment to help in the development and training of our UK industrial future.

A brighter future

As a nation Britain has always stood up to the challenges it faces. Right now it faces the greatest challenge it has seen for many years. Even when the immediate threat of Covid 19 subsides we face an economic struggle not seen for generations. The country will be relying on its businesses to bounce back and start trading again. For its children to complete their education without delay and go on to become the next generation of workers to build a better Britain. In both cases making that commitment to buy a UK manufactured product will not only help you with its intrinsic quality, reliability and support backup, it will help the country return to a more stable and prosperous future.

Support our UK manufacturers for a brighter future.


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