Allied Telesis

With our proven history of delivering highly reliable and feature-rich advanced network solutions, more and more education providers are turning to Allied Telesis to achieve their objectives.

At Allied Telesis, we understand the need to supply advanced cutting-edge network services to tomorrow’s generation, within limited budgets. Allied Telesis has been implementing leading-edge educational networks for many years. Our advanced high value product portfolio provides the security, mobility and high performance you need for your education network, both now and well into the future.

Allied Telesis products optimize your technology investments by fully integrating with existing systems and applications. As education needs change, your network can easily adapt, because our products provide highly efficient and progressive infrastructure, designed to fulfil your needs.

Network Access Control
Ensure that your staff and students have constant access to appropriate resources, while still protecting confidential information and maintaining privacy. Allied Telesis products support Network Access Control (NAC), a leading approach to providing complete control over user access to the network. Users can have different levels of access, allowing for the correct network and resource availability for students, teachers and administration staff. NAC also checks device adherence to network security policies before granting network access, proactively stopping threats before they can enter the network.

Network Management Made Easy
Automate your network management using a single easy-to-use intelligent tool that adds visibility and security and lowers risks and support costs.

The Self-Defending Network
Our smart edge security protects your wired and wireless networks from internal threats by automatically quarantining suspect devices, thus creating a safe environment for students and educators.

No Compromise Wi-Fi
Ensure reliable, high-performance Wi-Fi connections everywhere they are needed. With high device density support, indoor and outdoor-rated devices provide a single solution for classroom, libraries, gathering and recreational areas. The Allied Telesis No Compromise Wi-Fi solution ensures reliable, high-performance Wi-Fi connections everywhere they are needed, minimizing the need for human intervention.

By analyzing signal coverage gaps and Wi-Fi access point interference, Autonomous Wave Control (AWC) automatically delivers a high-quality wireless experience. Reduces your dependency on skilled network engineers and enables you to enjoy lower operating costs. For critical environments, like great halls, AWC Channel Blanket (AWC-CB) enables control of hybrid APs that simultaneously provide single and multi-channel Wi-Fi connectivity.

Digital Video Security
A dedicated product portfolio securely and reliably transports video footage across your IP network. Student security and protection in the school is part of the whole education offering. Surveillance capability is one of the ways to increase family and student trust in a specific school and to attract new students.

Online Learning
Video is also widely used for lessons, remote learning, and as a resource for the students outside of school hours.

The traffic generated by this kind of video is less predictable, and if a whole class is streaming at the same time, traffic spikes can occur. To be effective, the video service must be available without delay or image degradation. Any problems can cause distraction and consequently a loss of student attention. The network design needs to be capable of absorbing traffic spikes without affecting other users or resources.

About Allied Telesis
For over 30 years, Allied Telesis has been delivering reliable, intelligent connectivity for everything from enterprise organizations to complex, critical infrastructure projects around the globe. In a world moving toward Smart Cities and the Internet of Things, networks must evolve rapidly to meet new challenges. Allied Telesis’ award-winning smart technologies, products, and services deliver efficient and secure solutions for people, organizations, and “things,” ensuring that our customers enjoy increased value and lower operating costs.

We are committed to providing our customers with solutions designed and built to the highest standards and quality. Our manufacturing conforms to ISO 9001 standards and all of our facilities adhere to the strict ISO 14001 standard to ensure a healthier planet.