The AI Revolution in Education: Empowering Teachers, Not Replacing Them

The idea of AI in education has sparked both excitement and trepidation since students started using Chat-GPT to write their homework. Educators often feel under threat of being replaced by large-language models trained on the curriculum, even though experts say teaching is one of the least likely professions to be replaced by AI. For schools facing increasing costs, classroom sizes and staff shortages, AI presents an opportunity to rebalance workloads and promote learning outcomes without giving students the power to complete activities with a simple chat prompt.

The Irreplaceable Human Element
The pandemic highlighted one benefit found in every classroom that can’t simply be taught with technology - being human. While online learning offered some advantages, it lacked the crucial social interaction and emotional support that teachers provide, or the communication skills children develop when working in groups, such as compromise and empathy. 

The Replaceable Human Element
The modern classroom requires teachers to address diverse learning needs and personalise activities to better help all students, but added to planning lessons, marking assignments, admin, after-school activities and CPD and we have a recipe for burnout. By lightening workloads and automating repetitive tasks, AI allows teachers to focus on interactions that make an impact on children in the classroom while reducing stress and promoting a better work-life balance.

AI as a Powerful Tool for School Staff
Available for schools, colleges and universities using Google Workspace for users over 18, Gemini Education is emerging as a valuable tool for tackling many issues faced across the education ecosystem today such as staff retention and closing the attainment gap. Here are just a few ways that will leave you feeling like you found a cheat code for teaching:

Automated lesson planning: Generate curriculum-aligned lesson plans on any topic, then instantly customise them to support students with particular needs or extension activities to challenge advanced learners and wrap up with an appropriate assessment rubric.
Careers guidance: Help students uncover their dream job by asking Gemini to collect information about different industries, then make it real by connecting classroom activities to career pathways and foster student's commitment to learning.
Creating a comms plan: Draft emails, newsletters and outreach templates inside Gmail to improve the flow of communication between stakeholders.
Chatting with historical figures: Bring lessons to life by inviting students to ask famous people from history their questions, promoting engaging conversation and interaction in the classroom.
Marking tests with tailored feedback: Open completed assignments in Docs, specify objectives, course level and a supportive tone of voice, then watch Gemini grade work and draft feedback for you quicker than ever.
Putting note-taking on autopilot: Gemini in Meet can capture notes and minutes, then summarise actions for attendees so you can focus on driving discussions that move your school forward.
Developing project plans and schedules: Plan like a pro in a fraction of the time by getting Gemini to outline tasks and milestones in Sheets with smart chips and formulas.
Being more presentable: Use Gemini in Slides to create presentations with AI-generated images that make you look like a graphic designer.

Collaboration, Not Competition
By using AI tools effectively, teachers can become even more effective educators and shape the future of learning. With Gemini Education as a partner, educators can create more engaging, personalised, and successful learning outcomes for all students, preparing them for careers in the 21st century workforce and empowering them to thrive in this ever-evolving world.

Become an AI Trailblazer
Google’s #1 Premier Partner for Education in the UK and Ireland, Getech has recently launched their Trailblazers programme, which is available directly or through the established RM6098 TePAS 2 framework (Lot 3). It offers a 2-12 month structured pilot that provides schools with the tools, professional development and ongoing support needed to promise a smooth integration and maximise the benefits of Gemini Education for all staff. 

To get started on your journey towards AI-enabled brilliance with Gemini Education, contact the Getech Education team.