5-a-day Fitness

5-a-day Fitness is the ultimate fun fitness resource for primary schools, used by hundreds of schools around the World everyday, to help boost in-classroom activity.

Increase daily physical activity in your school with online, follow-along, 5-minute exercise and 2-minute Chill-out routines designed for use with classroom screens. The resources are perfect for socially distanced activity, and when choosing to upgrade, offering Pupil Home Access, children and families can use 5-a-day fitness at home, helping to keep pupils active and healthy after school, at the weekends, and throughout the holidays.

5-a-day Fitness is passionate about getting school children and young people active throughout the school day, and beyond. Formed in 2008, 5-a-day Fitness has found its feet in the promotion of physical activity to children and young people, and continues to grow in the education sector. 5-a-day resources aim to increase whole school in-class physical activity levels, and are used to help thousands of school children around the globe get active every day!

Scientists have consistently proved that exercise stimulates the brain and prepares it for learning, yet physical activity is often overlooked in favour of more ‘academic’ subjects. 5-a-day Fitness believes that five-minute bursts of energy and exercise throughout the school day, that complement the existing curriculum, could help improve your pupils’ academic performance and concentration levels.

5-a-day Fitness resources can be used at any time of the day to enhance learning. It's the perfect opportunity to get pupils up and active first thing in the morning as a wake up activity, a mid lesson energy boost, as a brain break, a refocusing tool, or as part of a warm up or cool down during a PE lesson. There's no teacher training, planning or preparation needed, and no need to relocate or rearrange the furniture because our routines can be completed whilst standing behind the desk or chair. Children are able to join in with every routine without having to change into PE kits. Simply log in, select a video, and let your class join in, have fun, get fit and learn!

The fun fitness video resources are also available with Modern Foreign Language voice-overs and on-screen translations. These cross-curricular language learning options are often used as active starters in MFL lessons, providing increased opportunities for additional structured physical activity time during language learning, making 5-a-day Fitness an amazing cross-curricular PE and MFL learning tool for Key Stage 1 and 2 (K-6). Many of the videos are available in French, Spanish and Welsh. These language videos have optional on screen key word translations, thereby improving language reading and listening skills. Now your class can have fun, get fit, and learn a language!

5-a-day’s 2-minute, Time-2-Chill routines develop concentration, balance, assist relaxation, imagination, co-ordination, and mindfulness. Ideal for refocusing a class after a break, or even midway through a lesson. Our aim is to help promote a healthy mind and body alongside providing a specific space and time to develop these often overlooked skills within a packed curriculum.

Each routine enhances kinesthetic learning, and utilises both audio and visual instructions and demonstrations. The music and choreography are written, created, and licensed by 5-a-day with education and school appropriateness in mind. Resources are differentiated by complexity and speed, and the language learning resources each have 3 levels of difficulty.

The 5-minute Fun Fitness videos focus on quick bursts of energy to help prepare children for learning. There are many different themes: from disco to jive, and superheroes to space!

New ‘At Home’ resources mean you can set home learning tasks, linked to a number of the routines. Written by a primary trained teacher and created using the primary curriculum, these cross-curricular worksheets have been specifically created for use alongside our fitness routines.

5-a-day Fitness helps 100,000 school children around the globe get active every day! Our routines are used 3,500 times each day by 1,000 schools. That’s 17,500 minutes, or 291 hours of extra physical activity per day, equalling 55,290 hours of extra physical activity in classrooms per year (based on the UK requirement of 190 school days per year). Since 5-a-day Fitness was launched in 2008, our schools have used our fun fitness routines on 5-a-day TV over 8,200,100 times!

Offered as a yearly package, subscribing schools get unlimited access to 5-a-day’s easy to use video-on-demand service. School’s are able to support whole families to stay active by upgrading to Pupil Home Access, allowing pupils and parents to engage in fun, easy to follow, 5-a-day Fitness routines at home. 5-a-day Fitness continues to add to our resources to provide value for all of our subscribing schools.

Over 1000 primary schools now subscribe and have access to 5-a-day’s proprietary video-on-demand service (hosted at www.5-a-day.tv), for an annual full price fee of just £380!