4 reasons why schools should use an ATS

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Finding and attracting the best teachers and school staff can feel like a constant battle, but it really shouldn’t. An applicant tracking system (ATS) can save your HR team time and money and help you find and hire the right candidates.

There are many systems available out there, but very few are dedicated to education, and it is important to align your specific needs to that of your desired ATS, as you could find yourself paying more for tools you’ll never need.

An effective applicant tracking system can be a great enhancement to both your candidate experience and your internal team productivity. Equip your school with an ATS and experience the following benefits:

  • The gift of time

With almost limitless online resources for promoting vacancies, many administrators find themselves copying and pasting adverts across various mediums, navigating each similar yet awkwardly different job board/social media posting process. A good applicant tracking system will enable the user to broadcast their jobs from one place, saving hours of tedious admin. Candidates will return to your ATS when they apply, so there is also no need to revisit several sites to download each application.

Being able to instantly begin processing applicants, send bulk communications and easily collaborate between departments or even schools can make the difference when it comes to the race for talent.

  • Don’t just attract, engage

Education job seekers are in the driving seat. There are far more jobs than candidates, therefore schools need to stand out and market their available jobs and their employer brand. An ATS should provide a form of shop window, often called a career site. The more advanced systems allow customers to edit and customise these pages to convey exactly why a candidate should apply to work there. The more information you can provide a candidate at this point, the more engaged they will be, and studies held by Eteach have shown that retention has improved when candidates are more informed about a school’s culture, personality and opportunities for career development.

  • Provide a better candidate experience

The lighter work you make of the recruitment process, the easier it is for candidates to apply for a job and the better the candidate experience is likely to be.

The first thing your ATS should be capable of is allowing for mobile applications, enabling candidates to fully apply from the comfort of their smartphone. Over 70% of traffic to Eteach is via mobile now and the success of your adverts depends on whether you provide an easy route to apply. Many schools still insist on downloadable forms which create an immediate barrier for job seekers.

Your employer brand is affected by the effectiveness of communication and how well structured/organised your recruitment process is. Being able to build and provide clear workflows that your internal team can follow should be available in your chosen ATS.

Finally, ensure your ATS provides candidates with a way to express an interest in working at your school in case you aren’t actively recruiting for their subject at the time. If you have followed the instructions above and have developed an engaging career site, candidates will be more enthusiastic to work at your school and having a user-friendly way to submit a CV or simply store candidate details for the next recruitment cycle will help immensely.

Those who have a positive experience are more likely to accept your job offer, reapply in the future, or refer others to your school.

  • Learn from your successful hires

The most efficient recruitment teams can reflect on their successful hires, working out what they did right and where improvement can be made – with a view of replicating their successes.

A good ATS will show where your candidates come from, and which channels give the best return on investment. Without automated analytics, being this laser-focused with your recruitment is almost impossible.

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