1UC are leading experts in Change Management, Adoption and Training Services specialising in Microsoft 365, Google, Cisco and Avaya. Our focus is on ‘Unified Communications, Collaboration, and Education’ applications.

The past year has made it clear just how important remote learning and collaboration is. The need for both students and teachers to maintain a consistent learning environment no matter the circumstances is vital. Microsoft Teams for Education and Google Suite for Education are some of the powerful tools to enable this.

Some of the main benefits for adopting this educational suite of tools include-

  • Providing a familiar interactive environment for digitally native students
  • They are engaging and fun for students to use
  • There are lots of ways to for teachers and students to communicate including- real time text chat, video, voice, emojis and gifs
  • Assignments can be set remotely for students to work on
  • Both applications are constantly being upgraded, adding new and exciting features and ensuring that they remain easy to use and accessible
  • MS Teams and G-Suite for education provide a safe environment for students. All communications can be monitored and controlled by teachers
  • Teachers can share content with specific groups or individual students or even staff only, as well as being able to set specific user permissions (eradicating accidental broadcast announcements and messages by students)
  • Teachers can stream live events
  • Interactive for students
  • Recordings of presentation can be shared afterwards, useful for students who are off sick or are unable to attend.
  • Teachers have full visibility of what students are working on, this also includes chat logs
  • It has been found to encourage peer to peer learning- often when students ask questions other students are able to help
  • Users can collaborate on work, meaning group projects are possible. Also teachers can provide instant feedback.
  • These services fully integrate with commonly used applications like Word, Excel etc which students are already familiar with
  • One of the most important benefits is that they can be accessed by phone, tablet desktop or browser meaning it is accessible to student and teachers wherever they are.

Many schools have had to rush to put these in place meaning students and staff have struggled to fully engage and embrace all these applications have to offer.

1UC are training and adoption specialists within the unified communication and education industry. Founded in 2007, the company set out to provide training and education services to clients of Microsoft and Google partners amongst others. We have developed a broad portfolio of training and education methods to suit all clients.

There are many benefits to working with 1UC:

  • Level of expertise - 1UC has over 20 years training expertise
  • Flexibility - 1UC can offer flexibility around training and consultancy as required
  • Adapting to client needs - We have experience across many different UC technologies and can assist clients with a transition from legacy technology.
  • Personalised training approach - We can deliver a bespoke training plan and customise all areas of training delivery to meet client’s specific needs.
  • Development of ‘End User’ focused training materials
  • Softer skills approach to end user training and data gathering

1UC can help with consultancy to help education settings find the best solution to work for them. We offer bespoke user adoption training for both teachers and students; training documents are tailored to meet the specific requirements of each individual setting. These include both quick reference and in-depth end user guides. Specialist admin training for IT departments that need to configure Teams for Education and Google classrooms can also be provided if required.

We can also create online videos and interactive customised tutorials showing how all hardware and software-based applications work and how they will benefit the end users. Sections can range in length from around 30 seconds to 2 minutes. This provides ongoing support long after the initial installation is complete. These work great as an aid memoir for future students and staff and are a very cost-effective solution as they are delivered as MP4 videos, meaning there are no ongoing licence fees for access.

Our experienced adoption consultants have been significantly involved in creating the interactive tutorials. Their working knowledge has been transferred to create an informative and well-designed e-learning tutorial that reflects the best practice in the use of these products.

Please feel free to visit our website or contact us for more information.