Mary Curnock Cook, chief executive of the university admissions service, has said research shows that state schools are better than private schools at preparing preparing students for the ‘new economy’.

The Education Secretary, Nicky Morgan announced at the conservative party conference that schools will be ‘expected’ to accommodate requests for childcare, remaining open for a full working day and during the holidays.  

Hundreds of pupils are missing out on university and sixth form places as a result of wrongly graded papers.

According to a YouGov poll, 53 per cent of teachers are considering leaving the profession in the next two years.

Ofsted has announced that schools who have newly opened or converted to academies, will not be inspected until they have been open for three consecutive years.

High performing graduates are being granted tax-free bursaries and scholarships, including funding of up to £30,000 to teach key subjects.

A new study has revealed that the shortage of trained physics and chemistry teachers has left school science teaching at a dead end, resulting in the suffering of both pupils and teachers.

A new report published by the British Humanist Association (BHA), entitled ‘An Unholy Mess’, reveals that faith schools are systematically cheating the admissions system.

A petition has been introduced to ‘urgently’ insist that the education secretary use her “position and privilege” to create an panel to address the “serious” lacking in female school leaders.

New research has found that London’s primary schools play a key role in the success of disadvantaged pupils within the capital.

Nine out of ten trainees who gain qualified teacher status are in a teaching job within six months, according to research from Schools Week.

The Head of Ofsted, Sir Micheal Wilshaw has opposed a government policy which makes it obligatory for secondary students to sit GCSEs in core academic subjects that make up the English Baccalaureate (EBacc).