Incidence of crimes within schools rising

Figures show that across primary, secondary and further education, 13,003 thefts have been recorded, 9,319 reports of violence and 4,106 investigations into criminal damage or arson. In addition, according to data provided by police forces there have been at least 1,502 sex crimes.
In response to a Freedom of Information request submitted by the BBC, police forces found that the Metropolitan, Greater Manchester and the West Midland forces recorded the highest number of crimes.
Overall, 30,294 school offences were reported, a significant increase from the figure in 2013, which recorded 28,444 crimes.
Malcolm Trobe, deputy general secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders advised that while the increase does indeed seem ‘very high’, it equated roughly to one report per school.
Trobe said: “Obviously, we would want to be in a situation where there is no crime in school and heads don’t need to call the police,” Mr Trobe said. “School leaders will always use their discretion and try to deal with matters internally, but where someone has clearly broken the law then they will have to call the police.”  
Superintendent Laurence Taylor of Sussex Police, regional policing lead for children and young people, spoke to the BBC about the importance of having a good police presence within schools.
He said: “If we don't get it right with policing in schools, we miss opportunities to intervene at an early stage to prevent children's behavioural issues becoming more problematic in later life.”

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