School Admissions Code reviewed to support vulnerable pupils

The DfE is proposing to change the School Admissions Code to include a new turnaround of 10 school days for a decision on an in-year application and clearly defined timescales for each stage of the process.

This will help vulnerable children when moving school during term time so they do not spend too much time out of the classroom.

While these measures will apply to all children moving school during the academic year, including those of Armed Forces Personnel, vulnerable children and those in care are much more likely to move school outside of the usual timeframes.

There will also be greater clarity for parents or carers on how applications can be made during term time, how the council or admissions authority will handle requests and how decisions can be appealed.

The code is also being amended to prioritise children adopted from state care outside of England and make sure they benefit from the same experience and opportunity in accessing a school place as those adopted domestically.

The proposals are now open for an extended consultation period of sixteen weeks to ensure schools, local authorities, parents, social workers and charitable organisations have sufficient opportunity to submit their responses.

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