Free period product scheme for schools extended

The government has extended its fully funded scheme providing tampons, pads, and menstrual cups and other environmentally-friendly products until the end of the academic year.

First launched in January 2020, the programme helps ensure girls can access period products when they are needed, reducing stigma and keeping young people attending school and college and engaged in education, when they might have otherwise missed out.

Studies indicate that more than a third of girls aged 13-18 have taken time off school or college because of their period, with 11 per cent of those claiming they missed school due to lack of affordability of period products.

Each school or college has a budget that will remain intact until the end of the calendar year, after which it will be renewed with a new spend cap in January 2022.

Will Quince, Minister for Children and Families, said: “I’m delighted that the incredibly important scheme providing free period products for schools and colleges across England is to continue running. Nothing should get in the way of students spending every possible moment in class, and no girl should ever be ashamed of being on their period. Any school or college that has not yet ordered through the scheme should do so at the first possible opportunity.”

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