DfE sets out measures to reform post-16 qualification

The DfE is progressing its promised reforms to post-16 education, setting out detailed measures that will make sure students can be confident it will set them on the path to success. 

Last year the government announced plans to remove funding from qualifications that overlap with T Levels and A levels, and only fund qualifications at level 3 and below that are high quality and lead to good outcomes for students.

The new measures, which are subject to a 12 week consultation process, include putting employers at the heart of designing and developing all level 3 technical qualifications. this is already happening with apprenticeships, T Levels and new higher technical qualifications, but the government is going further so students and employers can be sure they are gaining the skills they need to thrive.

Their are removing funding for qualifications that overlap with A levels and T Levels - simplifying choices for young people - while offering funding for high quality alternatives to A levels, that support students to progress onto specialist Higher Education courses, such as performing arts and sports.

The DfE also plans to ensure only qualifications that meet a high quality bar and help students progress into work or further study are approved for funding, and make more qualifications available to adults, including new T Levels, so more people can upskill or retrain.

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