Summer schools will reach just eight per cent of pupils

Analysis by the Labour Party reveals that the government’s summer schools will reach just eight per cent of pupils across England.

The government announced funding for summer schools to support children’s recovery in February. However, Labour’s analysis reveals fewer than one in 12 pupils will benefit from the schemes.

It means that, among incoming Year 7 pupils who are the main target for summer school provision, the funding would provide just one week of summer teaching and activities, Labour says.

Instead, Labour says that it’s plan for universal ‘catch-up’ breakfast clubs would see all children benefit from a healthy meal to start their day, while creating extra time for children to socialise and schools to deliver targeted tuition support. Evidence shows breakfast clubs can boost children’s educational attainment with positive impacts on reading and writing.

Kate Green, Labour’s Shadow Education Secretary, said: “The government must be ambitious for children’s recovery or risk a Covid generation being held back.

“Labour wants children to be at the heart of our national recovery. Our Bright Future taskforce will set out bold recovery policies, starting with catch-up breakfast clubs, which are ambitious for every child’s learning and well-being.”


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