NASBTT launches Teacher Educator and Mentoring Zone

The National Association of School-Based Teacher Trainers (NASBTT) has launched a new resource to support the professional learning and development of teacher educators.
Now available to all teacher educators and mentors in all settings, the Teacher Educator and Mentoring Zone (TEMZ) has been designed to recognise the role of a teacher educator as instrumental to the development of early career teachers. It directly supports, develops and empowers mentors by providing guidance in key areas of mentoring.
The Professional Framework for Teacher Educators, which sits at the heart of the TEMZ, consists of 19 tailored areas. The advice in each area is easily accessible, delivered in bitesize sections and designed to be a starting point for mentors keen to develop their own practice and knowledge. The content is built on existing theory and research, as well as first-hand practical advice that can be implemented in a short space of time.
“High-quality mentoring is fundamental to the success of teacher education, from initial teacher training through to leadership and beyond,” said NASBTT Executive Director Emma Hollis. “A skilled teacher educator workforce is central to making this work. Through the launch of the TEMZ alongside our other work, we aim to increase the status and visibility of mentors in school, celebrating their importance and recognising the key role they play in developing
the education workforce that our children deserve.”
Since ‘going live’ on 27th April, 150 ITT providers have already signed up to the TEMZ including SCITTs, School Direct Lead Schools, Teaching School Alliances, universities and private sector organisations.

One of these is Jamie Collier, Programme Leader at St George’s Academy Partnership SCITT, who said: “As a SCITT provider we recognise the pivotal role played by the mentor in developing our trainees to become the outstanding teachers of the future,” he explained. “In a busy educational environment one challenge is to progress mentors’ skills in a time efficient manner. We felt that the TEMZ is a powerful tool to support mentors in accessing up-to-date support to hone their mentoring practice. Key merits are its accessibility, bitesized modules underpinned by the latest educational research and links to carefully selected further reading, all in one convenient place. Such materials will empower our mentors to provide the very best developmental support for their trainees.”
Marcus Ray, Primary SCITT Teacher Training Lead for Chiltern Training Group, part of Chiltern Learning Trust, agreed: “We value the support and input from NASBTT and have learned a lot from its training and workshops, as well as the community it brings together from other providers to share good practice. The reason I signed up to the TEMZ is that the content will greatly support our work with mentors, teachers and trainee teachers across the community of schools we work with. We see an aspect of our role as developing teachers who are supporting our trainees, as well as the trainees themselves. The range of publications is good and very relevant – based in one location this saves me time searching around different agencies – and we have the opportunity to guide NASBTT on the content we would like them to develop.”

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