Supply teachers could lose out on £200 per month, research warns

According to research conducted by the FCSA, a trade association for professional employment services, changes to tax relief rules mean thousands of supply teachers could lose out on over £200 per month.

Numerous supply teachers have seen a reduction in their take-home pay following the government’s decision to axe tax relief on travel and subsistence expenses. The move has affected teachers who are employed by an agency that pays via a separate umbrella company which manages payroll.

The FCSA asked over 430 supply teachers about their opinion regarding the cuts to tax relief. It found that 30 per cent of supply teachers questioned would consider an alternative job in lift of the tax changes. The research warned that hundreds of these staff could turn down jobs in schools located in remote areas, push for higher pay, or even leave the profession altogether.

Campaigners have highlighted that the perk used to give teachers greater flexibility to work long distances from home and calculated that teachers could lose up to £3,252 annually. 50 per cent of the teacher who responded to the survey said they would be more selective when choosing where to accept placements.

Chris Keates, general secretary of the NASUWT teaching union, argued that the changes to tax relief were ‘nothing short of scandalous’ and ‘another blow for a group of teachers who are already exploited and undervalued’.

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