Five themes announced for National School Meals Week

LACA, the school food people, has announced the five themed events that will take place during National School Meals Week (7-11 November).

The overall theme for NSMW is ‘together we make a difference’, focusing on green issues, with the week running at the same time as COP27.

Incoming LACA chair Brad Pearce said: “We know school meals have such a positive effect on children’s attainment and development, but school caterers are also making a huge impact on green issues, lessening their impact on the planet as together, we tackle environmental issues such as reducing food waste, reducing food miles and increasing the amount of plant-based foods children eat.”

The five themed events include:

1. Together, we make a difference launch: A fun NSMW 2022 launch day promoting your activities for the week
2. Go green lunch: A day to showcase plant-based menus and what you are doing to get children to engage and eat more
3. Our local lunch: A roast dinner day showcasing the best of local British produce, reducing food miles
4. Eat more, waste less: A day to educate children on reducing food waste, recycling and composting. Can you create a low energy lunch?
5. VIP Day: Whether you are inviting a VIP or local MP for lunch or just saying thank you to your staff a day of celebrating. All school caterers are VIPs.

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