University watchdog receives more complaints than ever before

According to the Independent Adjudicator (OIA)'s annual report, the universities watchdog received 2,604 complaints in 2020, which was a ten per cent rise than in 2019.

43% of complaints were with service issues, including facilities, teaching time and academic supervision, and disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic, which alone accounted for 12%. This was up from 29% in 2019.

A total of £742,132 was paid to students as compensation.

Felicity Mitchell, Independent Adjudicator said: “2020 was an exceptionally challenging year for everyone who studies or works in higher education. We hope that we have helped students and providers to navigate some of the difficulties they have faced through the work we have done during the year. We received and closed more complaints than ever before, published information and guidance in response to the pandemic, and developed a well-received fully online outreach programme to continue sharing learning.”

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