Merlin Entertainment attractions support Learning Outside the Classroom and endeavour to provide memorable, education and fun experiences to students from pre-school through to university in over 15 subjects! We have listed below some of our top pick attractions within the Merlin portfolio that we recommend for school trips in 2018…

Thorpe Park

Students events at THORPE PARK Resort this year!


Teachers will tell you that we’re not just a student’s favourite place to visit once exams are over! Our education team are proud of our award winning flexible Thrills Workshop programme that includes a choice of over 30 workshops and talks in STEM, business and leisure subjects. However, this is only the beginning for 2018…


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Habitats, Ecosystems and Conservation at the National SEA LIFE Centre Birmingham


Habitats, Ecosystems and Conservation at the National SEA LIFE Centre BirminghamSuitable for all ages, our school programme is perfect for introducing pupils to a range of scientific topics and encouraging excitement and curiosity about marine phenomena in the natural world. Students will discover creatures and environments from across the world’s oceans, from the immersive tropical waters of the UK’s only 360 degree ocean tunnel, to the swamps of the mangrove rainforest and the frozen Antarctic home of a colony of Gentoo penguins. Students will also encounter native creatures from UK shores, including at an interactive rockpool experience, and older pupils can observe, first hand, ecosystems, environmental changes, evolution and marine conservation. Teachers can also choose the option of a guided Discovery Tour led by a marine expert to enhance their pupils’ visit, or a Behind the Scenes Tour, giving pupils access to additional areas focusing on life cycles and animal care. When requesting in advance, tours can even be tailored to focus on specific creatures or topics to ensure a tailored package for your school.

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Chessington World of Adventures


Chessington World of AdventuresChessington World of Adventures Resort is Britain’s Wildest Classroom, and 2018 is set to be our WILDEST year yet. With a NEW Wild Learning Centre and NEW curriculum-relevant workshops, there has never been a better time to bring your pupils for an eye-opening learning outside of the classroom experience! Not only that, this year we are launching Tiger Rock, an exhilarating log flume that takes you on an expedition around Land of the Tiger. With 3 overhead trails, this European First enclosure gives your pupils the opportunity to see our 4 NEW Amur tigers (Olga, Tsar, Kalinka and Kyra) like never before! After splashing down the 15m misty waterfall drop of Tiger Rock, students can take part in our Tigerrific Conservation workshop and truly learn their stripes!

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Discover History, understand medieval Technology and have fun with Arts & Crafts at Warwick Castle!


Warwick CastleWarwick Castle provides enriched and memorable experiences to everyone who visits us, whatever their age! Our experienced Education Team are dedicated to bringing history vividly back to life and deliver a full programme of Educational Tours and Workshops that make history come to life in Guided Tours such as Meet the Monarchy and energetic workshops such as our Battle Skills! This 1,100 year old castle is ripe to explore, with the incredible views from its towers, splendor of its Great Hall and State rooms with its origins at the top of the William the Conqueror’s Fortress! Every Day, Warwick Castle also has a plethora of fantastical shows showing such as our Bowman, Mighty Trebuchet and Birds of Prey demonstrations.

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Script writing, performance and set design at The London Dungeon


London DungeonThe London Dungeon has been delighting audiences for almost 40 years and brings together an amazing cast of theatrical actors, special effects, scenes and rides in an exciting walkthrough experience that lets you see, hear and smell historic London and its perilous past. Schools can exclusively take the experience further with a set of new workshops that provides behind the scenes insight into the creation of a live show. Linked to the KS3 national curriculum, teachers can choose to tailor their content to English/Drama, History or Design and Technology (DT). The English workshop will get pupils thinking about context, spoken language and stage directions as they review script writing and have a go at writing their own. The DT workshop will allow pupils to explore the physical creation of a show as they look at the design process, including room layout, design, make-up and costume design. The history workshop will highlight the importance of historical truth as they devise a concept for a show considering how to make the topic, characters, script and set design historically accurate.

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Business Studies at Madame Tussauds London


London DungeonAn iconic experience with over 15 interactive areas to explore, Madame Tussauds offers a unique opportunity to bring your class face to face with the famous faces that have shaped the world as we know it today. Primary and secondary school students can also learn about the evolution of this world famous attraction in a 45minute workshop. They will delve into the fascinating story or Marie Tussauds: an artist, business entrepreneur and an innovator and unravel the 250 years of extraordinary history that led to the Madame Tussauds we see standing in Baker Street today. KS4/KS5 pupils can also exclusively gain insight into the customer service the attraction prides itself on. The workshop will cover pre-visit information and online experience, the onsite experience looking at the importance of staff presence and communication. It will also explore recording feedback and tracking against KPIs before working together to resolve scenarios such as an onsite operational headache and composing a letter in response to a guest complaint.

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Adaption, Classification, Habitats and Life Cycles at SEA LIFE London


London DungeonInspirational for all ages, SEA LIFE London offers pupils the opportunity to explore the creatures that live in our seas, rivers and oceans. They will walk in awe through Pacific Ocean tunnels, tropical rainforests, shark reef encounter, penguin point and closer to home Thames Walk. Younger pupils’ curiosity will be peaked as they become top rock pool explorers while older students can observe, first hand, ecosystems, environmental changes, evolution and marine conservation. Primary school teachers can also choose from a variety of workshops to enhance their visit, including adaption, classification and life cycles. Pupils will learn about the different oceans around the world, explore creature characteristics and differences in their adaptations to survive and compare and contrast the life stages of mammals, an amphibian, an insect and birds. KS3 students can get closer to some of the main aquarium displays with a 45minute Underwater World Tour, the guided tour will cover a variety of Ocean habitats and the characteristics of creatures within them.

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Sky high learning on board the Coca-Cola London Eye


London Dungeon Journey 135m high and observe London’s iconic landscape from your classroom in the sky. Offering multiple curriculum links across key stages, the Coca-Cola London Eye is a remarkable feat of design and engineering and will take your students learning to new heights with an inspiring 360° learning experience. First and foremost, it is a great opportunity for pupils to add context to human and physical geography and gain a more comprehensive understanding of London’s skyline. Younger students will learn to recognise famous landmarks and identify with points of historic interest, whilst older pupils can observe architecture or focus on a section of the River Thames, identify with settlements and the implication of flooding. Teachers can enhance the in-capsule experience by booking a Discovery Workshop where knowledgeable hosts will bring the skyline to life with informative facts and activities relating to particular landmarks, iconic buildings and bridges. They will use the view as a stimulus to re-inforce in-classroom learning and build foundations for future creative work.

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Step into Story Construction at DreamWorks Tours: Shrek’s Adventure! London


London Dungeon A fully interactive environment for inspiring pupils’ active imaginations, DreamWorks Tours: Shrek’s Adventure! London brings storytelling to life as pupils board a magical 4D flying bus to Far Far Away and embark on a thrilling adventure through 10 stimulating live shows. Aided by famous fairy-tale characters, pupils will find themselves working together to discover three magical ingredients to help find Shrek and outwit the evil Rumpelstiltskin. The newest chapter in this unique experience is a brand new schools room with two new workshops focusing on story composition and characters! As an introduction to story creation, the KS1 ‘Once Upon a Time’ workshop will encourage pupils to engage with storytelling by exploring sequencing of events and identifying with characters through role-play. The new KS2 ‘Build your Story’ workshop will delve deeper into the role of character feelings, thoughts and motives, look at plot and the importance of setting while also exploring the triumph of good over evil.

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