EduTech Show 2018

EduTech Show 2018 is at the cutting edge of the changes happening in the digital and educational world. Here’s a closer look at some of the event’s keynote speakers

Momentum for the EduTech Show 2018 is racing ahead, this year the show is being held on Friday 12 October. Registration is now live and content for the show is drawing interest from a wide range of educational specialist; not just those involved directly with computing. In this preview we will be taking a closer look at our speakers; Kiera Newmark, deputy director of the DfE’s STEM and digital skills unit and Andrew Clarke, deputy headteacher and an ipad advocate in the classroom.

Can this all be for free? Yes. Your continual professional development really does matter to the EduTech Show team.  

Education in a digital world

One of the keynote speakers Kiera Newmark joins the show to discuss the opportunities that technology can offer all young people in today’s digital world and how the DFE plans to support school teachers to embrace the changes taking place in the computing world. Kiera will set out the current work undertaken by the DFE team and more excitingly the next steps for education in both the primary and secondary phase.
The DFE’s work is on the cusp of exactly what today’s teachers need and the EduTech Show 2018 is at the cutting edge of the changes happening in the digital and educational world. This year’s Developers Skills Report by HackerRank recognised that out of all the countries included in the report’s survey, the United Kingdom stands out with the highest share of developers who started coding as young as five years old. This highlights the credible work that takes place to ensure our young people are ready for a world of tech.
The majority of those developers are now in their 30s and 40s. As educators we relish this culture of forward-thinking education and believe it is picking up further pace in the UK. The report states that we became the first nation to modernise the curriculum, with the introduction of Computing in place of Information Technology. The shift in the curriculum requires children as young as Early Years to take on programming. Kiera’s Keynote session will affirm why STEM is a key factor in the delivery of the National Curriculum in schools.

Seminars sessions

Turning now to one of our seminar sessions this year we are lucky enough to have Andrew Clarke. Andrew explains that his journey with mobile technology, specifically iPad, has been very exciting. The practical use of this technology has enabled him to develop and improve the pedagogy within his school’s classrooms, transform the teaching and learning we provide and improve outcomes for our children. Students have been able to direct and monitor their own learning, improve and develop work from their peers and also form thoughtful verbal feedback using apps such as Showbie.
Andrew, during his seminar, will focus in on the simplicity and reliability of ipad devices across all the key stages and how it has become embedded as a curriculum tool for children and teachers alike. For instance, as children now have access to mobile devices with cameras at all times, the concept of using visualisers in lessons has become second-nature and children can share and comment on their own work or work of other pupils by sharing it via AppleTV within the classroom. This approach to technology can be used by all non-specialist computing teachers and with any age group!  
So if you are looking for a new and easy way to develop a rich curriculum which provides even more opportunities to enthuse children then this seminar session is for you.  

Digital learning

This year’s show will allow teachers to foster their children’s natural curiosity in how digital learning can enhance the curriculum. Andrew will take visitors on a tour of Apps such as iMovie and Clips which allow both staff and children to develop and enhance their creativity in learning.  
The EduTech Show team aim to see teachers, learning support assistants and students growing and advancing together through the innovation on show this October. Andrew comments: “When all stakeholders are sharing, supporting and developing the skills of using mobile technology together, as well as inspiring and assisting our cluster schools, you realise you have something special flourishing.”  

Join us

Again if you haven’t yet considered registering then please do. Join us on Friday 12 October at Olympia London. The team at EduTech  Show 2018 are also spreading the word to the insta-community. Check out, follow and love the edutechshow2018’s instagram page. All you need to do is pre-register in advance to guarantee free entry to seminar and keynote sessions as well as the exhibition.


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