EB50 Most Influential in education launched


Education Business magazine has launched its first EB50 Most Influential - a list of the fifty most influential people that have shaped education over the years.
There is a huge expectation on schools to provide an outstanding education against a backdrop of the pandemic, shrinking budgets, rising pupils numbers, and teacher recruitment and retention issues. Thankfully there are plenty of outstanding individuals that are committed to improving the educational experiences and outcomes for pupils and those that work in the profession – whether they’re on the frontline, shaping policies, or lobbying for change.
Our first EB50 Most Influential list, sponsored by Phillips, is our pick of the people that have made an impact on the education system in England. It includes government officials, head teachers, heads of MATs, teachers, charities, union representatives, lobbyists and so on. They have all played their part in shaping how schools are run, how teachers teach, and how pupils are assessed.

Included on the list is Minister for School Standards Nick Gibb who has enjoyed a long career within the Department for Education, serving since 2005. He has had significant influence on education policy, particularly around phonics and children's reading.

Matt Hood also graces the list for his work heading up the online Oak National Academy, an online classroom and resource hub created in response to school closures during the pandemic and for his work as an independent government adviser on professional development.

The DfE's independent behaviour advisor Tom Bennett is also on the list, as well as Sir Kevan Collins, the government's former education recovery catch-up commissioner who continues to be a prominent figure in education.

Find out who else has made the list here (pages 41 and onwards).