Asbestos - The unseen hazard

There is a legal requirement to manage asbestos to ensure people are safe from it. So in 2017, is this regulation being observed?

Providing asbestos training for tradesmen

Craig Evans, general manager of the UK Asbestos Training Association explains how the Association’s latest training initiative is promoting the need for essential asbestos training for all tradesmen, and in particular those who could encounter the substance in school buildings.

Craig Evans, general manager of the UK Asbestos Training Association, explains the problems surrounding the issue of asbestos in schools, identification and legal obligation

Since being raised in two reports in 2010, both showing a massive gap in the compliance
of asbestos management in schools, there is a need for a national audit into the extent, type and condition of the massive health implications for children, teachers and support staff

After publishing its latest report, Jim Sheridan, chairman of an all-party group on Occupational Safety and Health, calls the state of asbestos in schools a 'national scandal'

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A niche within a niche; how to thrive as a small estate management consultancy within the academy school sector

Tim Warneford, Managing Director of Warneford Consulting, has over the last two years, produced a series of 20 podcasts called ’Developing the Trust’, in which he interviews a broad range of academy experts to identify and share best practice across the academy sector.


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