Wolf Formulations

To many outsiders it appears that the professional cleaning sector has been slow in responding to the global concerns of single use plastic and of the need to reduce plastic waste. Of course this is far from the truth but the perception remains.

The recent product developments of Wolf Formulations with its ProfiMax range of innovative , eco-friendly, waste-reducing cleaning solutions can help to diffuse this perception. It has sought to bring products to the Professional Cleaning Sector that marry the company’s care for the environment with its ethos for quality without compromise. With the ProfiMax’s eco capsule refill system and total plastic-free packaging users can help to ensure a cleaner planet for generations to come.

The company’s ‘just  add water ‘ eco refill, recycle , reuse capsule system offers a whole host of benefits. Since the products are concentrated, they are 90 % smaller and lighter to transport and store, allowing them to offer quality products for this sector at affordable prices. The company’s resident team of scientists ensures that only the best, safest and most effective biodegradable ingredients are used in its products.

Information on the company‘s ProfiMax range can be obtained by contacting its Sales and Marketing Manager, Iain Dunsmoreck