Water Solutions Group

Supported by over 40 years of experience, Water Solutions Group specialises in Water Hygiene Audit expertise, providing that added peace of mind in respect of Compliance and Governance.

Waterborne pathogens such as Legionella, Pseudomonas and Coliforms within the education sector present as high risk, especially in facilities such as swimming pools and showers. Through their Investigation, Remediation and Compliance services as Authorising Engineers (Water Hygiene and Chlorine Dioxide), they work in partnership with clients to minimise and manage the risk.

From Water Safety Groups, Policy’s and Plan’s to hands-on water testing via their associate UK accredited laboratory, they provide an in-depth service unsurpassed within the water treatment industry. This provides added reassurance to their clients, safe in the knowledge that their current water regime delivers the correct level of protection.

Whether you require confirmation of compliance or assistance with resolving a water pathogen issue, Water Solutions Group provides crystal clear guidance, whilst ensuring ACOP L8 standards are being attained.

When working with Water Solutions Group, clients enjoy a considerable degree of autonomy, safe in the knowledge that they are there every step of the way to provide the specialist mentoring and guidance required.

Water Solutions Group produces conclusive results 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Technical & Compliance Director
Water Solutions Group
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