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VX – the Best Sport You’ve Never Heard Of

What is VX? It’s a mixed and inclusive sport that is also accessible to the disabled. It increases participation and gets non-sporty children involved. It’s suitable for all ages and beginners can be playing at a fast pace in just ten minutes.

Only 12 years old, VX is probably the fastest-growing sport in the world. It has had a massive impact in schools across the UK and has a foothold in 26 countries. It can be played as a team, singles or doubles and has an impact like nothing you’ve ever seen!

Sitting squarely in the National Curriculum and suitable for all ages and abilities VX emphasises honesty and integrity in sport. Schools use it in the curriculum, for after-school clubs and to increase participation, to target specific student groups, and give students responsibility. It involves a massive amount of both aerobic and anaerobic fitness,– but the youngsters don’t realise how hard they are working. Not only that – it ticks all your PE & Sport Premium boxes. As Rachel Mackenzie Jones (Thai Boxing World Champion & Sky Sports Athlete Mentor) says: “Fantastic that I got to play my new favourite sport … VX should be compulsory on the PE curriculum.’

More information: www.vxinternational.com; www.watchvx.tv

Dr Paul Hildreth

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