Using cameras to increase road safety outside schools

Traditional methods of enforcing school keep-clears such as deploying foot patrols or Mobile CCTV Vehicles have largely proved ineffective and cost prohibitive as compliance over the longer term is best achieved with a consistent and continuous method.  Recent surveys have shown that 27% of parents admit to parking on school keep clears whilst almost 90% support the idea of councils using cameras to catch and fine parents who park illegally during the school run.  

The Videalert system provides an effective and cost efficient method to monitor and enforce parking contraventions on keep clears and enables councils to promote a serious commitment to reducing the number of accidents involving children.  The system is currently being deployed by a number of councils including the London Boroughs of Barnet and Bromley with several more planning to follow suit in 2016.  It uses a single Digital HD PTZ camera to automatically capture the number plates of vehicles stopping in these zones without any manual intervention.  

By combining video analytics and ANPR, the Videalert system only captures the drivers that actually commit an offence ( i.e. are stationary in a defined “watch area” and exceed the “watch time”)and automatically creates video evidence packs which are transmitted to the council for manual review before any PCNs are processed or generated.   The system can also be used for 24x7 recording to provide a record of incidents of interest which can be subsequently reviewed and appropriate actions taken.

The Videalert software is installed on a Digital Video platform which enables data to be easily shared with multiple stakeholders for a wide range of applications and delivers significant cost savings.  For example, vehicle plate read data can be simultaneously disseminated to Police ANPR databases (BOFII) for detecting “black listed” vehicles and traffic management systems (UTMC) for journey time information and congestion smoothing.  

Several commercial models are available from standard CapEx to a fully hosted on-demand managed service offering (CEaaS) which allows Councils significant flexibility in how they purchase and fund the deployment of this system to achieve their compliance objectives.

The Videalert approach shows that when deployed correctly, CCTV can provide cost effective and continuous enforcement that will help to change the behaviour of drivers and will have a greater impact on increasing road safety over the longer term.

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