Time Capsule Education

Time Capsule Education are Creative Curriculum Consultants. Through a wide range of carefully developed Immersive Experiences we encourage teachers to give their pupils the freedom to create, to engage with their learning like never before. We provide the children with a desire to discover, and projects for them to involve themselves in, to the point that they don’t even realise they are learning.

Teachers often ask children to write about things they have no experience of. Without experience you get superficial results. How can you write about being a spy unless you’ve gone on a spying mission, evaded the bad guy and cracked a safe? All Time Capsule Education experiences involve immersing both teacher and pupils in the world in which they are set to give everyone a stimulus and desire to write.

Time Capsule Education’s products have been developed in primary schools by primary teachers. Whether it is a Whole School Writing Day for assessment and moderation, a Stand Alone day to bring a classic to life, a Creative Writing Module to give you an innovative extended writing experience or an INSET day to inspire your staff to become more creative, you need Time Capsule Education in your school.