TeeJay Publishers

TeeJay Publishers now supply their TeeJay Core Maths Textbooks and support materials to over 95% of all Scottish schools. They have recently used their expertise to produce a similar set of resources to meet the requirements of the National Curriculum in England. Their bright colourful Core Textbooks, one for each year group, are very pupil friendly, contain lots of graded exercises, and are capable of being used in both a group work arrangement, AND as a whole class teaching resource, thus allowing for Mastery teaching to take place.

As well as core textbooks, the scheme is supported by dedicated homework packs, covering exercise by exercise, the curricular content of the day’s teaching, thus providing extra support and allowing parents to monitor the work of the class. Each yearbook also has an assessment pack, with individual tests, longer class assessments and an end-of-year full diagnostic assessment. The textbooks also have free online course plannes, and Books 1 and 2 have sets of free worksheets.

TeeJay is a highly respected producer of Maths resources in Scotland and both parents and teachers associate the name Teejay with quality and value. Children also respond positively to the bright colourfully presented Textbooks.