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Pupil illness leading to higher absence rates.

According to a report from the Department of Education, pupil illness now accounts for 60 per cent of all absences across state-funded primary, secondary and special schools.

In order to prevent illness and the spread of germs in schools, guidance from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has stated that pupils should receive hand washing demonstrations.

Manty Stanley, managing director at TEAL Patents – the world’s leading manufacturer of portable hand washing units – says: “British children are losing nearly 80 million school hours per year and missing lessons at key developmental stages due to illnesses that can be prevented easily through frequent, thorough hand washing.

“Hand hygiene is a valuable lesson for children to learn at a young age. As the weather cools, it is essential pupils learn how simply washing their hands minimises the spread of common, contagious infections such as colds.”

In support of teachers and pupils, TEAL has created the Kiddiwash range of portable and mobile handwashing units designed using feedback from nurseries and primary school users.

Each model helps children get into the handwashing habit. Kiddiwash is helping pupils play their part in stopping the spread of germs and illness.

Built in bright colours and with a basin at just the right height and size for little hands, the Kiddiwash range is fast-becoming an essential tool in any educational establishment.

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