Covering sports facilities to provide protection from inclement weather would clearly increase the value of your current student offering.

But have you considered, perhaps even more importantly, how such investment will also open up huge potential opportunities for health and wellbeing within your local community?

The Lawn Tennis Association already recognises the value of this and is encouraging clubs, schools and other community organisations to work together to bid for funding.

Through their Transforming British Tennis Together initiative they have committed £125m over the next 10 years to encourage more people to play more tennis, more of the time.

This will need to be match funded with a further £125m to enable the covering and lighting of hundreds of tennis courts across the UK and making them genuinely accessible to all.

A sports canopy is significantly more affordable than an enclosed building, but will enable you to maintain a healthy natural playing environment in all weathers and massively increase usage, particularly during evenings and in wintertime.

Streetspace All-Weather Sports Canopies are covered by a 20 year warranty and require only minimal maintenance, and of course it's not just tennis, they are ideal for all sports, including 5-aside football pitches and cricket nets!