Sports Made Simple UK

Head Teachers, Business Managers & PE Co-ordinators.

Head Teachers are under more and more pressure to save money!

Business Managers are looking are looking for new ways to cut costs!

And PE Co-ordinators have enough on their plates, without having to spend hours searching for sports equipment!

Every year your school requires new sports equipment for sport.

But here is your problem:

Those huge catalogues! Filled with thousands of products and hundreds of options.

Are you missing out on savings?

It can take hours to search through these catalogues, to place each order.

This quickly turns into a time consuming, expensive and confusing task.

But what if there was a way to make this process faster, simpler and easier than ever before?

Whilst saving your teachers time, and your school money?

Welcome to Sports Made Simple, your trusted experts in Primary School sports equipment.

When you order your sports equipment with Sports Made Simple, you get to search and place orders up to 80% faster and benefit from great savings and we only show you the equipment that is relevant to your primary school setting.

Using our simple online ordering service, you place your sports equipment order 12 weeks in advance, everything is made to order so we can pass on fantastic savings to you.

Order online today and see how much you could save…

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