Small Feet Energy Limited

Small Feet Energy Limited is a company providing energy certifications with efficiency support and advice. We work direct with the public, estate agents, social housing, public bodies, academies, facility management companies, SME’s and large organisations.

We are wholly independent assessors providing unbiased compliance surveys such as Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs - domestic and commercial – including new build on-construction), Display Energy Certificates (DECs), TM44 Air Conditioning Inspections (ACI), Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) and Scotland Section 63 assessments. We also conduct Legionella Risk Assessments on behalf of landlords to comply with HSE’s ACoP L8 (Approved Code of Practice).

We can support renewable technology/battery storage installations and provide energy management via metering or building management systems (BMS).

Although, energy efficiency is ensuring your competitiveness over a longer term, a review of your utility costs is just as important for your current revenue. We can provide Energy procurement for your business ensuring competitive prices and working hand in hand with energy efficiency.

Much of the simple savings in any building can be via LED lighting. As a supplier of (and installation if required) LED lighting to improve building efficiency, the products can suitable for typical household, commercial, industrial or specialist lighting projects.

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