Skills Mastery

Skills Mastery is a user-friendly, easily accessible and on-demand digital learning tool which supports learners in developing their literacy skills at a pace which suits their learning needs.

The literacy skills development tool enables teachers to track and review their learners using both summative and formative assessment through attainment, current progress and progress over time. The online assessments also provide instant feedback to learners, further encouraging their progress and development.

Developed by a literacy skills specialist, the tool is aligned to the new primary and KS3 curriculum and is also compatible with the curricula in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. From Greek Myths to Sherlock Holmes, Skills Mastery puts grammar in context, provides models and revises text types from polemics to diaries. A terminology focus enables learners to use, understand and apply literacy metalanguage and a spelling focus enables progress in both reading and writing.

The tool provides a cost effective learning intervention to support all learners between ages 8 to 14 years. In particular, it has been proven to be very effective in developing literacy skills for boys, learners with English as a Second Language and learners who receive the Pupil Premium.