Securely mark, identify and track your assets and valuable equipment with Selectamark Security Systems

The Education sector loses thousands of pounds every year replacing lost, faulty and stolen items. The use of an asset tracking system within your school, college or university is a cost effective way to ensure that you can keep track of and identify important and expensive equipment.

As a leading supplier of asset labels and asset tags, Selectamark Security Systems can help you manage your assets and property. Their high quality asset labels, stencils and asset tags can be used to track your ICT equipment including PCs, laptops, tablets, iPads and projectors.

Selectamark have been protecting and registering assets for over 30 years and their products are LPS1224 accredited and supported by a database with 24/7 access to give a fully trackable marking solution. Products include SelectaLabel asset labels and SelectMark visible chemical etching products as well as SelectaDNA forensic marking products.
Selectamark’s NEW School Asset Register ( provides industry leading, affordable asset management software to help you manage your fixed asset registers of ICT equipment.
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