Safety Technology International (Europe) Ltd

It is no surprise that school officials today place the highest priority on their teaching resources. Valuable teaching hours can be lost and affect student’s education as well as putting many people at risk as a result of accidental or malicious false fire alarms.

Beyond disruption, false fire alarms have a significant impact on the effectiveness of a fire evacuation strategy and may put the lives of staff, students and visitors at risk.

Quick and appropriate reactions to a fire alarm may prevent a real fire from causing significant damage and disruption.

Work by Safety Technology International (Europe) Ltd; STI, with a number of schools in the UK and around the world has shown that the problem can be largely avoided.

STI has demonstrated international expertise in minimising the impact of disorderly behaviour and vandalism working with many schools in the UK. In many cases, STI has almost eliminated the problem of false fire alarms at a nominal cost and allowed the teaching hours that have been wasted to be refocused on the schools’ key objectives.

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