Ringsfield Hall

We're one of only a few centres in the UK running Earth Education programmes, and we draw on eco-therapeutic and child-led approaches to craft imaginative programmes.  

Each can be tailored and differentiated according to the needs of a wide range of cohorts, and to suit curriculum goals.

Our team are also experienced in working with children and young people who are facing particular challenges, or display challenging behaviour.  We can offer small group work, ongoing nurture groups, or even Tier 1 one-to-one individual support.

Contact us for details, and to chat through your requirements.

While teachers are here onsite, there’s space to observe, participate and come alongside pupils as our team lead through activities.  One local school books in 3 weeks of transition activities for new Year 7 pupils since it bonds students, smoothes transition, and gives teachers a deeper understanding of their cohort better than anything else.  

However, we also offer support and resources to teachers and schools outside of their time at Ringsfield Hall:
-  Providing resources and materials to further embed residential learning back in school
-  Delivering programmes on site for schools,
-  Consultancy work, modelling playwork or participatory outdoor approaches for school staff
-  Inset training for outdoor education in school or on site