Primary PE Planning

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Yes, now you can use your Sports Premium Funding to shortcut your way to delivering the most practical, fun and most engaging PE lessons than ever before with our breakthrough online platform Primary PE Planning.

With over ​500 ON-DEMAND lesson plans​ and video tutorials,​ to our knowledge our platform offers widest choice of premium topics and lessons available to any Primary School in the UK.

From Dance, Ball Skills, Multi Skills, Imagine PE, and Water Dodgeball along with a variety of traditional sports the platform meets all curriculum requirements.

Use your Sports Premium Funding to open this resource to your teaching team and gain full PE coverage for Early Years, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. 

Empower Primary teachers of any ability in your school to have the tools and confidence to deliver a PE lesson like a sports expert. Best of all your teaching staff will love delivering them, and your pupils will love taking part.


For your ​FREE​ trial please visit our website or for further information or call or email Elizabeth Pattison Director of Education.

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